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Explore the Foundations of Knowledge with Harry Binswanger at Objectivist Summer Conference 2016

For the first time in five years, Harry Binswanger is confirmed to teach a course at the Objectivist summer conference. He will explore advanced topics in metaphysics and epistemology from an Objectivist perspective, drawing on material from his book How We Know: Epistemology on an Objectivist Foundation. Binswanger will address questions that deal with the nature of knowledge. What does it depend upon? And what are the means of acquiring it?
Culture And Society

Defining Basic Moral Concepts [Video]

While we should always be clear on the meaning of the concepts we're using, this commitment to clarity is especially important with respect to concepts that the culture seeks to muddy. Today, argues Peter Schwartz, the primary muddiers are the advocates of altruism, and their targets are concepts of morality. This talk examines the obfuscations, including the “package-dealing,” generated by altruists, and analyzes the valid and invalid definitions of crucial moral concepts.

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