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Defining Basic Moral Concepts [Video]

While we should always be clear on the meaning of the concepts we're using, this commitment to clarity is especially important with respect to concepts that the culture seeks to muddy. Today, argues Peter Schwartz, the primary muddiers are the advocates of altruism, and their targets are concepts of morality. This talk examines the obfuscations, including the “package-dealing,” generated by altruists, and analyzes the valid and invalid definitions of crucial moral concepts.
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Peter Schwartz defends selfishness on C-SPAN

On June 10, 2015, ARI’s Distinguished Fellow Peter Schwartz gave a talk in New York City at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center. In his talk, Peter discussed the ideas in his new book, In Defense of Selfishness: Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive. Peter’s talk, which was delivered as a part of ARI’s Road to a Free Society tour, was recorded by C-SPAN and is now available online.
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An Exclusive Q&A Webinar on In Defense of Selfishness with Author Peter Schwartz

If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of In Defense of Selfishness: Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive, by Peter Schwartz, to be published on June 2, 2015, please do so today. As a special inducement to those who pre-order the book on or before May 8, ARI is arranging an exclusive Q&A webinar, to be held in August. You’ll have the opportunity to ask Mr. Schwartz questions about the material in his book.
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Monday on The Yaron Brook Show: An Update on South America

This Monday, April 6, Yaron returns to host an all new episode of his radio show. Yaron will give his take on how the fight goes for freedom and capitalism in South America, where he recently spent several weeks. Yaron will also chat with Ayn Rand Institute instructor Aaron Smith about whether Ayn Rand’s morality of rational selfishness is consistent with good will and benevolence toward other people.
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What You Missed on Yesterday’s The Yaron Brook Show

Yesterday, Elan Journo joined Yaron Brook as co-host of The Yaron Brook Show to talk about what America should do about the Middle East. Topics included: why radical Islamists hate the West; whether we should be friendly with Saudi Arabia; how American rules of engagement have damaged the morale of soldiers; who is to blame for innocents killed in war.
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Recent Guests on The Yaron Brook Show: Ambassador John Bolton, Grover Norquist and Others

Last Friday, Yaron broadcasted live from CPAC, the largest annual conference for conservatives in America. In addition to giving his take on all the happenings at the conference, Yaron interviewed the following guests: Ambassador John R. Bolton; Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform; Adam Mossoff of the Center for Protection of Intellectual Property; Peter Schwartz, author of the forthcoming In Defense of Selfishness; Larry Spiwak, president of the Phoenix Center and an expert on net neutrality.
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Today on The Yaron Brook Show: What Does It Mean to Be Selfish?

On today’s episode of The Yaron Brook Show, Yaron talked about the nature and morality of selfishness. Topics included: The definition of selfishness; the superficial “selfishness” of Bernie Madoff; selfishness and benevolence; objectivity, rationality, and happiness; why Objectivism is a philosophy of love.

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