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Arming You in the Intellectual Battle against Islamic Totalitarianism

The attack on Charlie Hebdo reminds us that Islamic terrorism remains a very dangerous phenomenon in the world. The reaction to the attack, and particularly the expressions of support for freedom of speech, are cause for some hope, but attitudes about Islamist doctrine and the terrorism it spawns still range from dangerously naïve to frighteningly sympathetic.
Foreign Policy

In the Sony Affair, Who Is the Real Coward?

There’s something entirely fitting in the fact that the most sensible thing said about Sony’s decision not to release The Interview comes from a place not known for saying sensible things — Hollywood itself — while the most risible comments come from a place that is supposed to have serious responses to things like foreign nations threatening American citizens for exercising their constitutional rights. That’s Washington, D.C. (in case you’ve forgotten that it’s supposed to be a serious place). Comparing the two views expressed is illuminating and goes a long way toward explaining why North Korea felt free to threaten Sony — indeed, all of us—in the first place.
Foreign Policy

Brook on PJTV: “A World Without Israel” [Video]

In this panel on PJTV, ARI’s executive director Yaron Brook joins Tammy Bruce, Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle to discuss the current state and future of the Middle East, with a special focus on America’s relationship to Israel. Topics include the Gaza war of 2014; the United Nations; the moral weakness of the West; the role of moral ideas in foreign policy.
Foreign Policy

How Iran Gamed the Nuclear Talks

Monday, November 24, marks a deadline in the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. A glance at where things stand tells you just how well Iran has gamed the process. The pattern: Iran has set the terms and pocketed concessions.

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