Saturday on The Yaron Brook Show: Why the Left and Right (and Some Libertarians) Hate Bankers

The Wall Street Journal reports this week: “Wall Street is confronting a presidential election unlike any it has seen: One in which the banking industry is denounced by candidates on the left and the right. The banker-bashing is prompting uncertainty and disagreement in the industry about how, or whether, to respond.”

Don’t miss an all-new episode of The Yaron Brook show this Saturday, in which Yaron will take up the myriad attacks against the financial industry. Among other topics, he will:

  • Explain why bankers are reviled in today’s culture
  • Describe the enormous value they create
  • Argue why we should ardently defend the business of finance

Have questions for Yaron? He’ll take them live. Don’t miss the discussion, which begins at 2:30 p.m. Eastern here.