Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings: Free Speech on Campus [Video]

Today, college students’ attitude toward free speech ranges from ambivalence to outright hostility. They cry “microaggression” at the slightest offense. They demand “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” to protect themselves from controversial ideas. They attempt to ban speakers at public universities and support other bans on speech.

Why is this happening? What can be done? How does it relate to free will?

In this panel discussion featuring Steve Simpson, the Ayn Rand Institute’s director of Legal Studies; Jason Hill, Honors Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University; and Nico Perrino, director of communications for the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), students hear their take on these important issues and offer their own thoughts and experiences. The panel consists of brief opening remarks by each panelist followed by questions from the audience.