Romantic Art and The Fountainhead

If you’re enjoying our monthly celebration of The Fountainhead in honor of the novel’s 75th anniversary, you don’t want to miss the latest featured item at ARI’s eStore, The Stylized Soul in Romantic Literature by Tore Boeckmann. To stylize an artwork is to condense it to essential characteristics, chosen according to the artist’s value-abstractions. The result is a work every aspect of which is expressive of his values.

In his lecture, Boeckmann explores some of Ayn Rand’s values, chosen in childhood, and gives special attention to the abstractions which unify Rand’s personal values into a single theme (as opposed to her moral principles, which hold for everyone).

Learn about the unique powers of stylization and about Ayn Rand’s personal values, present throughout her two greatest novels: The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

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