Rituparna Basu on The Disease Killing Canadian Health Care

Last week Rituparna Basu gave a talk, sponsored by the Toronto Objectivist Committee and the Freedom Party of Ontario, at the University of Toronto in Canada, titled “The Disease Killing Canadian Health Care.”

“My goal was to leave people with the idea that good quality health care is profit-driven, market-based health care,” says Basu. “Despite the fact that health care in America is heavily controlled, there remains a modicum of freedom. That remaining freedom is what has made the quality of American health care the best in the world. To improve the poor state of Canadian medical care, Canadians must start freeing their health care market, which begins by embracing the pursuit of profit as moral.”

In this PrimeTime-interview on SunNews, aired after the talk, Basu discusses what’s wrong with Canada’s health care system and what the proper alternative is.