Quartz interviews Yaron Brook on Silicon Valley and Ayn Rand

“Does Silicon Valley Need Even More Ayn Rand to Fix Its Ethical Crisis?” That’s the title of a recent interview with Yaron Brook, executive chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute, in online publication Quartz. In the interview, Brook responds to questions about Silicon Valley, the influence of Ayn Rand on entrepreneurs and the ethics of business:

As long as your fundamental moral ideals are focused on the other, the measure of morality is how much you sacrifice for the other. Look at Bill Gates. He is a giant in terms of improving the condition of mankind. Yet he gets zero moral credit for it because he made so much money doing it. So he feels that in order to get moral credit, to be viewed as a good person, he has to give his money away. But he’s doing it because he feels guilty, or he thinks he should feel guilty. It might be the second. He does these things to appease this conventional morality that exists out there.

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