Previously on The Yaron Brook Show: Free Will: Theory and Practice

In this episode of The Yaron Brook Show, originally airing on May 28, 2016, guest host Don Watkins examines an article in The Atlantic on the “scientific” case against free will. Specifically, Don discusses:

  • The “scientific” argument against free will
  • The nature and evidence of free will
  • Why many, especially scientists, are biased against free will
  • How this discussion relates to the inequality debate



Other resources:

  • How We Know by Harry Binswanger
  • “Breaking the Metaphysical Chains of Dictatorship: Free Will and Determinism in Anthem” by Onkar Ghate in Robert Mayhew’s Essays on Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”
  • “A Being of Self-Made Soul” by Onkar Ghate in Allan Gotthelf and Gregory Salmieri’s A Companion to Ayn Rand