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Policy Digest: Ayn Rand Edition

  • TIME.com asks: “Who should be the first woman on a modern dollar bill?” Ayn Rand is leading in the poll. Who could be a more worthy candidate? Ayn Rand did, after all, argue that money is the root of all good. Take the poll here.
  • What is the favorite book of New York Giant’s running back Andre Williams?
  • The Colorado Statesman reports that Glendale’s mayor Mike Dunafon is now running as a candidate for Governor of Colorado. Dunafon dismisses both Republicans and Democrats as “big government.” “‘I’m not a libertarian,’ he says, preferring to call himself an ‘objectivist,’ along the lines of writer Ayn Rand’s philosophy.”
  • One more thing: Who knew that Richard Nixon once performed in The Night of January 16th?