OCON 2017: Livestream Now Includes 10 Sessions

In case you aren’t able to attend Objectivist Summer Conference 2017 but were planning to livestream the general sessions, we have good news! Two additional talks have been added.

Below is a complete list of sessions available for viewing. Please note that there have been some changes since the original announcement.

  • Saturday, June 10: “Productive Achievement: Man’s Noblest Activity” by Onkar Ghate and “Pittsburgh’s Business Heroes” by Andrew Bernstein
  • Sunday, June 11: “Life, Liberty and Intellectual Property” by Adam Mossoff
  • Monday, June 12: “Making Sense of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” by Elan Journo
  • Tuesday, June 13: “Free Speech Under Attack” by Flemming Rose, Dave Rubin and Steve Simpson
  • Wednesday, June 14: “Corporate Citizenship: Reflections of an Objectivist Business Professor” by Rajshree Agarwal and Jay Snider
  • Thursday, June 15: “Applying the Strikers’ Principles to Life in America Today” by Gregory Salmieri; “Who Killed Speed? A Murder Mystery History of Aviation” by Blake Scholl; “Creating a Career That You Love (Guilt-Free)” by Keith Schacht; and “Free Trade, Immigration and Robots, Oh My!” by Yaron Brook

If you have an OCON Week Pass, livestreaming is included in your registration and we will send you a link closer to the conference. For others, the cost is as follows:

  • Adults (age 30+): $195
  • Young Adults (age 29 and under on June 15, 2017): $195
  • Students: $90

All the sessions will be available for livestreaming until July 29. Once you register, you will receive instructions and livestream links a few days before the conference.

To register:

  • Go here
  • Click “Register”
  • Choose your registration option (e.g., Adult, Young Adult, etc.)
  • Enter your information and click “Next”
  • Complete the “Registration Information” screen
  • Select “Week Pass-Livestream” in the “Item Selection” screen
  • Follow the prompts and submit payment