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Objectivism in Europe: A Full Slate of Speakers This Fall

“Interest in Ayn Rand’s ideas is growing rapidly throughout Europe, and we are currently receiving more invitations to events than we can fulfill,” says Annie Vinther Sanz, general manager of ARI Europe. “This autumn’s twenty-six events will cover nine countries, and we expect more than three thousand attendees. The Objectivist movement in Europe is becoming a force to be reckoned with.”

Last weekend, Andrew Bernstein gave the keynote talk at the annual CapitOx conference in Oxford, UK, discussing the moral basis of capitalism. He also participated in a panel discussion on whether capitalism is a zero-sum game. The next day, Bernstein appeared on two panels at the annual Battle of Ideas conference in London, UK. The Battle of Ideas was visited by thousands of people, and ARI Europe’s bookstand handed out hundreds of books and pamphlets to students.

Throughout November, ARI speakers Bernstein, Yaron Brook, Gregory Salmieri and Tara Smith will crisscross the continent and the United Kingdom, presenting at twenty-two events.

Bernstein, Salmieri and Smith will also participate in ACROCON and other events in Athens, hosted by Aristotelian Centre for Reason & Objectivism, with the support of the Objectivist Venture Fund.

Here’s a sample of what’s to come:

  • On November 13, Yaron Brook will deliver this year’s Ayn Rand Lecture, hosted by the Adam Smith Institute in London, UK. Brook will speak about his and Don Watkins’s new book, In Pursuit of Wealth.

  • On November 18, Gregory Salmieri will give a talk, “Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness,” at the European Students for Liberty (ESFL) regional conference at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena in Jena, Germany.

  • On November 25, Tara Smith will discuss the difference between liberty rights and welfare rights at 2017 ESFL Belfast Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Click here for more information about upcoming events.

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