Obamacare Is Bad For Young People

I’m quoted in a Talking Points Memo article this week about Obamacare’s impact on the young. Obamacare, as I’ve often discussed, is bad for everyone, including young Americans. The law is
designed to fleece younger, healthier individuals in order to foot the medical bills of those older and less healthy.

The author of the article, Dylan Scott, repeats an often-heard defense of Obamacare: that while it hurts young people in the short-term, in the long run it benefits them because one day they, too, will grow old and sick.

In Forbes.com last year, I addressed this perspective. My take:

[I]t’s of no benefit to anyone, young or old, to be forced into a scheme in which others dictate how he should arrange for his medical expenses. What’s in a young person’s interest is to be free to decide that for himself, in the context of his other priorities in life.

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