Obamacare: A Law We Can Be Proud Of?

Despite Obamacare’s rocky rollout and continuing implementation problems, proponents insist that what the law is trying to do is fundamentally good. In this talk, given on June 4 at ARI’s headquarters in southern California, I challenge this claim, making the case that nothing about Obamacare is motivated by good intentions. In doing so, I discuss, among other things:

  • How Obamacare’s central scheme is designed to impede the ability of Millennials to pursue their goals and dreams in life
  • Why Obamacare is designed to hurt young people
  • What caused the problems in the pre-Obamacare health care market
  • The mistake we’ve been making in American health care policy for the last 50 years
  • The solution for fixing American health care

Image: Ayn Rand Institute