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Nine Countries in Eleven Days

On December 11, Yaron Brook, ARI executive co-chairman and president, was back in Europe, this time broadcasting The Yaron Brook Show live from Berlin. It was the last leg of a whirlwind tour in which he visited nine countries in just nine days.

Here’s an overview of the work Brook was doing abroad to support ARI’s goal of increasing awareness of Ayn Rand’s ideas:

  • December 4 – Brook stopped in Antigua to visit a major donor who has contributed to ARI’s educational outreach programs.
  • December 5 – President-elect Trump was the main subject of Brook’s talk in London, titled “The Decline of Western Civilization.”
  • December 6 – Next stop, Zurich. Brook discussed free speech and the critical role it plays in western culture. For Brook, the highlight was signing copies of his book Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government, the newly released German translation.
  • December 7 – In Prague, Brook presented on Ayn Rand’s contributions to the ideas of liberty before a class of students in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PP&E) at CEVRO Institute, a free market think tank turned university. In the evening, Brook dined with a group of ten local Objectivists, where they discussed Rand’s ideas in depth.
  • December 8 – The European Students for Liberty (ESFL) played host to Brook in Rotterdam. In his talk “Why Capitalism Is the Only Moral System,” Brook addressed both students and faculty. Later that day, he spoke at a conference and gave his talk “The Morality of Finance” to a room full of finance professionals. It was a new perspective for those in attendance and Brook witnessed a visible jolt of pride as he spoke about how their work is essential for a capitalist society. The Q&A that followed proved to be a highpoint of Brook’s European tour. Brook and ARI’s Don Watkins expand on this subject as contributors to a new Dutch book on finance. Their chapter is titled “Rethinking the Morality of Finance.” 
  • December 9 – Brook attended a fundraising event hosted by the Ayn Rand Center in Sophia, Bulgaria. Many of the country’s leading businessmen were on hand to hear Brook talk on the morality of capitalism.
  • December 10 – Stockholm was Brook’s next destination where he discussed Rand’s ideas before an audience of young libertarians.
  • December 12 – Brook gave the talk “Capitalism Without Guilt: The Moral Case for Freedom” at Verein Deutscher Studenten in Berlin, Germany.
  • December 14 – To conclude the nine-day tour, Brook joined Flemming Rose, former culture editor of Jyllands-Posten and author of The Tyranny of Silence, to discuss the ongoing ideological campaign against free speech, and how to best oppose it.

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