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New YouTube Playlist on the Noble Profession of Finance

While you’re waiting for your copy to arrive in the mail, check out this new YouTube playlist devoted exclusively to the themes found in In Pursuit of Wealth: The Moral Case for Finance, the new book edited by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins.

  • What Was the Inspiration for In Pursuit of Wealth? (2:27)
  • Ask Yaron: Why Is Finance the Most Demonized Industry? (9:45)
  • Is Finance Productive? Read In Pursuit of Wealth (3:21)
  • Radical Capitalist with Yaron Brook: Pursuing Wealth, the Morality of Finance (1:18:01)
  • In Pursuit of Wealth: Correcting Ignorance, Suspicion of Finance (3:31)
  • Is Finance a Moral Endeavor? Read In Pursuit of Wealth (3:37)
  • Living Objectivism with Yaron Brook: Live from NYC, In Pursuit of Wealth Book Discussion (1:42:06)
  • Are You a Demonized Financier? Read In Pursuit of Wealth (2:05)
  • In Defense of Finance (Yaron Brook) (1:21:47)
  • Yaron Answers: Financial Crisis (13:16) 
  • The Morality of Investing and Financial Markets | Yaron Brook (31:05)
  • Ask Yaron: What Value Has JK Rowling Created? (10:23)
  • Lessons from the Financial Crisis: More Government or Less? (1:37:47)
  • Yaron Brook on Money (15:14)
  • Burdens of the Financial Industry: Regulations and Negative Perception (OCON 2015 Panel) (58:54)
  • Yaron Answers: Glass-Steagall and the Financial Crisis (9:50)
  • Yaron Answers: What Should the Government Have Done During the 2008 Financial Crisis? (6:07)
  • Yaron Answers: Fraud During the Financial Crisis (5:15)
  • Money Under Laissez-Faire (OCON 2015) (1:08:17)
  • The Destabilizing Consequences of Central Banking (OCON 2015) (1:13:15)
  • Free Banking and the Fed (OCON 2014) (1:15:38)

To access individual videos, check out the playlist here.