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New Podcast Series: Inside “A Companion to Ayn Rand”

Earlier this year, Wiley Blackwell added a new contribution to its prestigious Companions to Philosophy series, A Companion to Ayn Rand, edited by Gregory Salmieri and the late Allan Gotthelf.

A Companion to Ayn Rand is the “first volume to offer a comprehensive scholarly treatment of Rand’s entire corpus (including her novels, her philosophical essays, and her analysis of the events of her times).”

Yesterday, the first installment of a new series of podcasts, Inside “A Companion to Ayn Rand,” was published over at our sister blog Objectivism: Who Needs It:

In order to highlight the unique value of the Companion, ARI fellow Don Watkins interviewed several of the volume’s authors about their contributions. In this installment, Salmieri explains the purpose of the book and discusses various issues pertaining to Rand’s ethics of rational self-interest.

Click here to listen to this first installment and learn more about future episodes.

A Companion to Ayn Rand is available for purchase at Amazon.com. You can read the first chapter, “An Introduction to the Study of Ayn Rand” by Salmieri, free online.