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New Episode of The Yaron Brook Show: Charlie Hebdo and the Threat to Free Speech

On today’s episode of his new radio show, Yaron Brook discussed the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and others in Paris and what this means for the future of free speech in the West. If you missed it, catch up here:


Highlights include:

  • Yaron’s take on New York Times columnist David Brooks’ response to the attacks
  • An interview of Onkar Ghate, senior fellow and chief content officer at ARI, about the importance of freedom of speech
  • How the government should respond when freedom of speech is threatened

1/12/15 Program Notes:

“I am Not Charlie Hebdo,” by David Brooks

“Freedom of Speech: We Will Not Cower,” by Onkar Ghate

“Paris Shootings: Terror, Sadness but Also Strength,” by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

“The Biggest Threat to French Free Speech Isn’t Terrorism. It’s the Government,” by Jonathan Turley

Egypt Student Gets Three-Year Jail Term for Atheism

Be sure to tune in for next Monday’s episode at 11 a.m. Eastern/8 a.m. Pacific, here.