New Article: “End the Debt Draft”

The welfare state is bad for every productive person (and every person who, through no fault of his own, can’t support himself). But its impact on Millennials and their children will be particularly egregious.

In a new article,
End the Debt Draft,”

I explain why it’s vital for young Americans — and anyone who cares about them — to mount a moral crusade against the welfare state.

Today you and millions of other young Americans are being drafted into debt. Like the military draft, the Debt Draft treats the lives of young people as the property of the state. You have been conscripted to finance other people’s retirement and health care needs, regardless of what impact this will have on your life. Your duty is to set aside your own happiness in order to serve the needs of the old.

Responsible individuals only take on debt they can manage, and only when it serves important goals and values: to go to college, buy a home, start a business. But imagine being forced to pay someone else’s student loan debt, or someone else’s mortgage, or someone else’s credit card bill. Would that be fair? Of course not. But that is what the Debt Draft amounts to.

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