Merry Christmas from the Ayn Rand Institute

In celebration of Christmas, Ayn Rand Archives curator Jeff Britting gathered some Christmas-related memorabilia and objects from the Archives for a special video. “Christmas was a holiday that Ayn Rand loved,” said Britting, “and these objects will give you a taste of what Christmas was like for Ayn Rand and her husband, Frank O’Connor.”

Oscar and Oswald

In the video, you will see one of Ayn Rand’s gold dollar signs, her husband’s gear-themed cufflinks and an appearance of two stuffed lion cubs named Oscar and Oswald that Britting says “Ayn Rand considered to be a part of her family. The cubs were given to Ayn by Frank and were brought out every December to help celebrate the season.”

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Ayn Rand Institute!