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Live@OCON 2016, July 7: “Objectivism as a Source of Superior Performance in Business”

Join us today, July 7, 2016, as we livestream the much-anticipated series of talks on the theme of Objectivism tool for superior performance in business:

  • The Objectivist Ethics Applied to Life and Business with Carl Barney
    Philosophy is fundamental to all of our activities, personal and business. When we discover and apply a new philosophy, our activities change; we begin making our lives anew. Ayn Rand wrote, “As man is a being of self-made wealth, so he is a being of self-made soul.” We make our own character; we make our own life. This presentation shows how I applied Objectivist ethics to creating my life anew and a prosperous business.
  • Trading Values: The “Why” of Enterprise with Rajshree Agarwal
    Superior performance in business stems from sustained effort at collaboration, not competition. In this talk, Dr. Rajshree Agarwal integrates insights from research, teaching and experience as an intellectual entrepreneur to illuminate how Objectivist principles form the foundation of excellence in business pursuits through the creation of meaningful and successful alliances. Come learn what it takes to be the CEO of Me, Inc. — in the form of Objectivism’s answers to four fundamental questions for your strategic roadmap.
  • Applying Objective Virtues for Competitive Advantage with John Allison
    This is a case study in using Objectivist virtues as the foundation for organizational success and personal self-esteem. Objectivism is not as an end in itself but is a means to increasing organizational and personal productivity. Students of Objectivism can become lost in the details of the philosophy and fail to apply Objectivist principles and concepts when trying to improve the quality of their lives. Objectivist virtues, properly employed, are a major competitive advantage in business and life.

The session begins at 1:50 pm Pacific.

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