Join us at The Undercurrent Student Conference

Students eager to join the intellectual battle for individual freedom are invited to The Undercurrent Student Conference taking place October 11 – 12 at American University in Washington, D.C.:

More and more students are discovering the power of the idea of individual liberty and its potential to transform society. Among the more prominent forces inspiring people to embrace this idea is the fiction of Ayn Rand.

Yet while many people understand that Rand celebrates individual freedom, not enough understand her reasons. This first-of-its-kind conference will focus on developing students’ understanding of Rand’s unique case for liberty.

The Ayn Rand Institute is a partnering organization of the conference hosted by The Undercurrent — an organization dedicated to spreading Ayn Rand’s ideas on campus.

Talks include:

  • Yaron Brook — “The Morality of Capitalism” and “Ayn Rand on the Need for Philosophy”
  • Onkar Ghate — “Objectivism: What Is It?”
  • Don Watkins — “The Morality of the Welfare State”
  • Keith Lockitch — “The Sacred Self: Ayn Rand on Abortion, Foreign Policy and Environmentalism”
  • Elan Journo — “What Would a pro-Liberty Foreign Policy Really Look Like? Ayn Rand’s Answer”

The Undercurrent has reopened application to its student-only Objectivist conference. The conference is exclusively for students living close enough to D.C. to drive to the conference or for those who are able to fund their own travel and lodging.

If you are a local fan of Ayn Rand’s free-market ideas, her literature, or any other aspect of her philosophy, consider applying before September 30th!

Please complete this express registration form.

Non-local students can apply here.

Join the battle for freedom — apply now!