Join Onkar Ghate’s Crusade for Reason and Freedom

In December, Dr. Onkar Ghate, ARI senior fellow, will give his talk “Religion vs. Freedom” as part of ARI’s “The Road to a Free Society” tour. Onkar will argue that we need to break the alleged link between capitalism and religion.


“I want to see freedom restored in America. But so long as it seems to Americans that to be against Social Security, Medicare and our thousands of other economic controls, one also has to oppose evolution and contraception, very few reasonable, scientific-minded people will even listen to arguments in support of capitalism,” says Onkar. “And this is a tragedy, because I think our actual choice is either to embrace science and capitalism or to embrace the authoritarianism of religion and today’s increasingly unlimited government.”


The talk is bound to have the audience looking at freedom and religion in a new light. “I hope the audience gains some appreciation of Rand’s point that capitalism is a product of the Age of Reason and that modern statism in all its variants, from fascism to communism to our own regulatory-welfare state, secularizes the religious viewpoint,” adds Onkar.


The Institute’s senior editor and instructor, Onkar studied economics and philosophy as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto and worked in the financial industry prior to joining ARI in 2000. He received his doctorate in philosophy in 1998 from the University of Calgary.


Onkar’s op-eds have appeared in venues that range across the ideological spectrum, from Huffington Post to CNN.comto and He’s been interviewed on national and international radio, including NPR and BBC Radio, and has appeared as a television guest on CNBC, KCET, Fox News Channel and the CBS Evening News.

When will Onkar be speaking in a city near you?


  • San Francisco — December 2. Refreshments begin at 7:00 PM. Talk begins at 7:30 PM at The Bently Reserve.

  • Irvine — December 3. Refreshments begin at 6:00 PM. Talk begins at 6:30 PM at ARI Headquarters.

  • Chicago — December 9. Refreshments begin at 6:00 PM. Talk begins at 6:30 PM at the Chicago Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

  • New York — December 10. Refreshments begin at 7:00 PM. Talk begins at 7:30 PM at CUNY Graduate Center.


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