Voices for Reason - "Is inequality fair?" | The Ayn Rand Institute

“Is inequality fair?”

We’re told that the gap between the poor and the rich has widened. Many decry the “injustice” of income and wealth inequality. But is it actually a problem and are the proposed remedies truly just? What is a fair “distribution” of income and wealth? Is “equality” a valid concept?

In this talk, Dr. Yaron Brook argues not only that the egalitarian notion of equality is inherently unjust — since it amounts to cutting down the most able, intelligent and productive — but also that laissez-faire capitalism is the real system of justice.

This is the first talk in a new series of talks at ARI in Irvine, California. There will be a new talk the first Wednesday of each month. Next month, Steven Simpson (Director of Legal Studies of the Ayn Rand Institute) will talk about the rule of law.

Image: Solomiya Trylovska via Shutterstock.com