Have You Heard the Top Five Episodes of The Yaron Brook Show?

Can you believe it? The Yaron Brook Show has been on the air for more than two years. During that time Yaron Brook and various ARI guest hosts have produced 90 episodes covering a variety of topics such as the value of studying Ayn Rand, the follies of mainstream economics, “Socialist” Sweden, the threat to free speech and the nature of free will. Some episodes are significantly more popular than others; here are the top five most popular episodes:

  1. 1. Trump Won, What Next?

  2. 2. Immigration Ban

  3. 3. Alt-Right and the Decline of Civilization

  4. 4. The Media, Globalism, and Ayn Rand and God

  5. 5. Live from Berlin — Europe Trip, Globalism and Fake News

The Yaron Brook Show is broadcast on BlogTalkRadio every Saturday at 11:30 a.m. Pacific/2:30 p.m. Eastern. Brook’s show also airs on Chicago’s AM560 The Answer live on Saturdays from 4 PM CT. And don’t forget that you can always subscribe to the show on iTunes.

To call into the show during airtime on Saturdays, dial: 312.642.5600.  You can also email questions to Brook at ARIRadio@icloud.com or send them to him via Twitter or Facebook.