Gregory Salmieri on Rand’s Code of the Creator at STRIVE’s Student Conference

Today we are pleased to announce that Gregory Salmieri will be speaking at the Leven Foundation student conference on the morality of value creation at the Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center on November 6-8 in Atlanta, GA.

Gregory Salmieri is an Anthem Foundation philosophy fellow. He teaches at Rutgers University and is co-editor of the forthcoming A Companion to Ayn Rand.

In his talk, “Rand’s Code of the Creator,” Salmieri will explain why Ayn Rand held that morality isn’t a set of duties we must conform to, but a code of values that teaches us how fully live and enjoy our lives.

Salmieri will also join Keith Lockitch and Onkar Ghate in a series of individual talks titled “Morality of Capitalism.” Lockitch will discuss why industrialists are often vilified as “Robber Barons” and why Ayn Rand regarded them as heroes. Salmieri will discuss Rand’s definition of capitalism, why she regarded it as moral and what she saw as the root of the opposition to it. And Ghate will compare Rand’s position to that of other thinkers and groups who also defend or are thought to defend capitalism. 

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