Galt’s Speech: Ayn Rand’s Most Carefully Crafted Statement of Objectivism

John Galt’s iconic speech is arguably the most memorable chapter in Ayn Rand’s masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged. That’s why this month we continue our celebration of sixty years of Atlas Shrugged with “A Study of Galt’s Speech” by Onkar Ghate.

In this lecture course, available at ARI’s eStore, Ghate studies Galt’s speech and offers an illuminating breakdown of its component parts to show why each is essential to the novel.

He considers how its abstract philosophical points explain events in the story, and he examines Rand’s precise formulations of such questions as why altruism is the morality of death and why evasion is the root of evil.

Gain a deeper understanding of Ayn Rand’s definitive statement of Objectivism and discover how Galt’s speech is perfectly integrated into the plot of her greatest novel. Download here.