Experience OCON on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat

For years we have kept those who couldn’t make it to Objectivist summer conferences in the loop by updating them on everything that’s happening and said through social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook. And we have always encouraged OCON attendees to comment and share their thoughts and reactions on Twitter and Facebook.

This year we will as before continue to share interesting quotes, comments and reactions from OCON our dedicated Twitter handle (@OCON_live) and Facebook page. (To stay up to date on what the attendees are saying and doing, search Twitter for #OCON2016.)

New this year is that we will also be streaming a series of short videos from OCON on Snapchat. What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a social media platform app that allows users to record short video clips that is then published and “broadcasted” to your friends and followers. The video clip is, however, only available for a moment and can only be viewed once. (The Snapchat app is available for iPhone and Android.)

So this year, you will be able to follow OCON via ARI’s dedicated Snapchat account by searching for and then adding us (aynrandinst) in Snapchat. We’d love to see Snap happy OCON attendees to “Snap away” generously during the conference. We even offer an OCON 2016 Geofilter, a sort of “overlay” on your short video that tells your friends and followers where and when the video was recorded.

Experience OCON and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.