Equal Is Unfair Soars up Amazon Best-Seller Charts

Close on the heels of a Glenn Beck radio show appearance by Yaron Brook, co-author of Equal Is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality, the book rocketed to the #310 ranking on the list of several million books sold by Amazon.com — and number one in several categories including ‘income inequality.’

“Yaron has appeared on Glenn Beck’s show several times,” noted co-author Don Watkins, an Ayn Rand Institute fellow. “Glenn finds our ideas provocative, interesting and valuable to his audience. But since Equal Is Unfair was released last March there was more interest in election controversies and the rise of Donald Trump than in discussing the book. This time, the book took center stage, and Amazon sales followed.”

When Equal is Unfair was launched almost a year ago, the hardcover version broke into the top 1,000 but never ranked as high as it did on January 25, 2017.

“The number one way to sell enormous numbers of books quickly is through top-tier media outlets,” Watkins said. “That includes both major media, like the broadcast and cable networks, and also media personalities like Glenn Beck with a hard-core following who are inclined to follow up on his book recommendations.”

When Equal Is Unfair was published last year, economic inequality was central to the Bernie Sanders campaign and an important issue for Hillary Clinton. “But we always knew this book wasn’t just about the issue of the day — it was about the moral and economic framework many people use to think about economic issues,” Watkins said. “Our book was meant to stand the test of time, and as we continue to get it into the hands of influential people in business, journalism and politics, we expect interest to continue rising.”

As Watkins and Brook prepare to launch a new series of publications in the area of finance, Equal Is Unfair will continue to be relevant. “This book is crucial because the finance industry is the number one target of the anti-inequality campaign,” Watkins said. “Not only are many financiers in the top 1 percent of income earners, but they are particularly reviled by people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who single out Wall Street for criticism. We’re out to rectify the injustice of labeling financiers as villains.”

A podcast of the radio interview with the Ayn Rand Institute’s executive co-chairman is available in two parts, here and here. After the interview, Brook recorded a short video talking about the book’s themes, here. The book is for sale on Amazon here.