Don Watkins Interview Upcoming on The Rubin Report

Ayn Rand Institute fellow Don Watkins is looking forward to wide viewership of his upcoming interview on The Rubin Report, slated for release January 16, 2017. Dave Rubin, a rising star in the world of online video, recorded the interview earlier this month and will release it on his YouTube channel, The Rubin Report. With more than 338,000 subscribers, Rubin’s channel is described as a “talk show that focuses on big ideas and free speech.”

“This was by far the most enjoyable interview I’ve ever done,” Watkins said. “Dave asks really interesting questions, gives you the space to talk and makes it feel like a real discussion. Above all, he takes ideas seriously, which is a quality that’s in short supply today.” The interview will contain roughly equal segments on Ayn Rand and Objectivism, on capitalism and on Watkins’ book (co-authored with ARI executive chairman Yaron Brook) Equal Is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality.

If Brook’s experience with Rubin’s show is any indication, the upcoming release could end up being one of Watkins’ most popular media appearances ever. When Brook’s interview was released in May 2016, it quickly amassed more than 215,000 views and became his most viewed video ever (available in full here and in segments here, here and here.)