Defending Free Speech: What Is Free Speech?

What is free speech? And why should we care? Today there’s a great deal of confusion, which is partly why the campaigns against free speech are so successful.

In Defending Free Speech, edited by Steve Simpson, we explain what the right to free speech is and isn’t — and why it is so important to fight for this precious right.

“Freedom of speech is an individual’s right to express his ideas without governmental interference,” explains Onkar Ghate. “[Free speech] includes the right to make movies, write books, draw pictures, voice political opinions — and satirize religion.” Ghate then goes on to explain that the right to free speech “flows from the right to think: the right to observe, to follow the evidence, to reach the conclusions you judge the facts warrant — and then to convey your thoughts to others.”

Join us in this battle for free speech — order your copy of Defending Free Speech today.

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What are others saying about Defending Free Speech?

“Defending Free Speech . . . is short enough to make its dire point without hemming and hawing, but detailed enough to force the reader to take the endangered state of our culture of freedom deadly seriously. Anyone who reads this book and does not immediately devote himself to a renewed and reinvigorated defense of liberty has probably drunk too much post-modern Kool-Aid to deserve the freedoms that our predecessors fought and died for.” — Harvey Silverglate, civil liberties lawyer, co-author of The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses (The Free Press, 1998), and co-founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (

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