Celebrate We the Living’s 80th Anniversary at This Year’s Atlas Shrugged Revolution Dinner

You’re invited to attend ARI’s eighth annual Atlas Shrugged Revolution dinner on September 29, 2016. Those registered for the event will enjoy a special theatrical staged reading of Ayn Rand’s first novel, We the Living, in commemoration of the novel’s 80th anniversary.

Set in the early 1920s, We the Living tells the story of three young people who yearn to shape their own future — but are trapped in a communist state that claims the right to sacrifice individual lives for the sake of the collective. The novel sold out after its first printing in 1936, and has so far sold more than 3,000,000 copies. It is Rand’s most autobiographical novel.

The staged reading features two theatrical adaptations of the novel by Rand and will last approximately ninety minutes. Post-performance remarks will be given by Robert Mayhew, editor of the recently published The Unconquered: With Another, Earlier Adaptation of “We the Living.

The Atlas Shrugged Revolution dinner will benefit the Institute’s work both in New York and around the country. Please join Lars Seier Christensen, founder of Saxo Bank, and ARI CEO Yaron Brook, as well as your fellow Ayn Rand admirers, and find out what we are doing right now at ARI to spark an Atlas Shrugged revolution.

We look forward to seeing you there! Register here to attend the Atlas Shrugged revolution dinner and the staged reading.