Bringing Freedom and Capitalism to Campus

At the core of ARI’s work is the goal of reaching students, encouraging them to rethink conventional ideas, and educating them about reason, individualism, and capitalism. Here are two snapshots of ARI intellectuals doing just that.

  • At Rutgers University last week, Dr. Onkar Ghate joined a panel discussion with Flemming Rose on freedom of speech. The College Fix, a student newspaper, has a report on the event, which also featured Robert Shibley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Particularly notable are the questions students raised.
  • At Maastricht in the Netherlands last fall, Dr. Yaron Brook spoke to students about capitalism. In this brief clip from the Q&A, Yaron takes up a question about the working conditions at the Chinese factories where iPhones are assembled. In the four days since the video surfaced on YouTube, it has been viewed 21,700 times.