Ayn Rand’s Novel Ideal to Be Released This Summer

On December 3, New American Library (NAL) announced it would publish Ideal on July 7, 2015, a novel penned by Ayn Rand more than eighty years ago. This will be the first Rand novel to be released since the 1957 publication of Atlas Shrugged. The announcement captured the attention of Ayn Rand enthusiasts as well as several media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NPR and Newsweek.


Ideal originally grew out of a conversation Rand had with a movie fan who gushed that she would give her life to meet a certain famous actress. Skeptical that fans took seriously the ideals their favorite stars stood for, Rand conceived a story in which the integrity of those who profess to embrace ideals would be tested.


Rand first wrote Ideal as a novel in her late twenties, thinking it would work as serialized magazine fiction. When Rand’s agent failed to sell the work, she suggested the novel be turned into a stage play. Rand agreed to do it. Although well received by New York producers, the play never went into production and remained unproduced during her lifetime.


Ideal, the play, was eventually published in The Early Ayn Rand in 1984, two years following Rand’s death. The play’s successful Los Angeles stage debut occurred in 1989. See Los Angeles Times review.


Almost two decades later, Jeff Britting, Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) Archives curator, recommended the novel for re-review. In a simultaneous effort, Richard E. Ralston, ARI’s publishing manager, promoted publication of the novel to Dr. Leonard Peikoff, heir to Rand’s estate and founder of ARI. Peikoff agreed to move forward, setting the wheels in motion for the upcoming release.


Kara Welsh, NAL’s senior vice president and publisher, had this to say about the 2015 release of Ideal, which will include both the original novel and the previously published play:


“As the longtime publisher of Ayn Rand’s works, New American Library is excited to continue its successful collaboration with the Rand estate. The arrival of a never-before-seen Ayn Rand novel will thrill dedicated readers and is a true publishing event.”


Rand’s other works of fiction — most notably The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged — have sold tens of millions of copies worldwide, proving the enduring influence of her ideas and their crucial importance in today’s culture.


Ideal will be released simultaneously in hardcover and paperback and is available now for pre-order on Amazon. Order your copy today.