Ayn Rand’s Anthem Nominated for Retrospective Hugo Award

Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem has been nominated for the 1939 Retrospective Hugo Award in the Best Novella category for works published in 1938. The winner will be announced at LonCon 3, a World Science Fiction Convention held in London, England, from August 14 through 18, 2014.

The Hugo Awards, named after pioneering science fiction publisher Hugo Gernsback, have been given in various categories since the 1950s. The Retro-Hugo is awarded for works published during certain years in which no contemporary Hugo Awards were given. Previous Retro-Hugo winners include Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and George Orwell.

Anthem was first published in England in 1938, but an American edition was not published until 1946. Written by Ayn Rand during a break from writing The Fountainhead, Anthem tells the story of one defiant man’s search for the meaning of individualism in a world where the word “I” no longer exists. Most recently, Anthem was adapted into a stage play that was performed off Broadway in 2013.

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