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ARI to Award 2015 Essay Contest Winners More Than $67,000 in Prize Money

ARI is giving away more than $67,000 in prize money to high school students who participate in its annual essay contests for Ayn Rand’s novels Anthem and The Fountainhead. This is your chance to take home cash to help pay for college, a new computer, tablet, gaming system or anything else you’ve been looking to buy. More than 400 students will be awarded cash prizes. Additional awards are available for the top submissions in the Chicago metro area.

Your essay will be judged on both style and content and must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophic meaning in the selected work. Contests are open to students worldwide.

Visit aynrandnovels.org to view extended contest details, including:

  • This year’s selection of essay topics
  • Eligibility rules and requirements
  • Submission deadlines

Be sure to check out the essays from last year’s winners:

Anthem 2014 First-Place Winner: Anastasia Buchholz, Homestead High School, Fort Wayne, IN

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The Fountainhead 2014 First-Place Winner: Tamara Balderas, St. Joseph Academy, Brownsville, TX

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The deadlines for the Anthem essay contest and The Fountainhead essay contest are March 20 and April 26, respectively. Enter today for your chance to win.