ARI News: Media Highlights

ARI writers and speakers regularly appear on a variety of media outlets. A few recent highlights:

YARON BROOK ON STOSSEL Yaron Brook appeared on the Fox Business show Stossel, talking about how the government is using the tax system to manipulate us.

TARA SMITH ON EYE ON YOUR MONEY Tara Smith, professor of philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin, was interviewed on Gary Rathbun’s radio show Eye on Your Money, where she discussed Ayn Rand’s ethics of rational egoism. A recording of the interview is available here.

STEVE SIMPSON ON THE RICK AMATO SHOW Steve Simpson appeared twice on One America News Network’s The Rick Amato Show where he discussed the IRS non-profit scandal, Harry Reid’s campaign against the Koch brothers, Ted Cruz’s opposition to Obamacare and the McCuctheon v. FEC campaign finance ruling. “The First Amendment protects everyone’s right to speak their mind, and that includes saying things that opponents in elections think are unfair or even untrue. It’s not the government’s job to police truth in an election. If you think someone defamed you, sue them. Otherwise, complain to the voters, not the bureaucrats,” says Simpson.

RITUPARNA BASU ON THE SOURCE and THE JASON LEWIS SHOW Rituparna Basu was interviewed on Sun News Network’s The Source, a nationwide news TV show in Toronto, Canada. “My goal was to leave people with the idea that good quality health care is profit-driven, market-based health care,” says Basu. She was also interviewed on the Jason Lewis Show (syndicated) on the meaning of individualism in health care.

DOUG ALTNER ON THE LARS LARSON SHOW Doug Altner was interviewed on The Lars Larson Show (syndicated) discussing the regulatory assault on Uber, an innovative alternative to traditional taxi companies. “Lawmakers should be rolling back controls on the taxi industry rather than imposing more controls on companies like Uber,” says Altner.