ARI News: Media Highlights May 2014

ARI writers and speakers frequently appear on a variety of media outlets. Here are some recent highlights:

DOUG ALTNER ON THE DAN COFALL SHOW Doug Altner was interviewed on KFXR’s The Dan Cofall Show and WBZT’s Financial Survival Network, discussing Maryland’s decision to raise the minimum wage. He was also interviewed on WILC’s The Capitol Hill Show about fast-food worker strikes around the globe.

RITUPARNA BASU ON THE RICK AMATO SHOW Rituparna Basu talked about how government policies are destroying medicine as a profession on Liberty Express Radio’s Butler on Business. She also returned to The Rick Amato Show to comment on Obamacare.

TOM BOWDEN ON FINANCIAL SURVIVAL NETWORK Tom Bowden appeared on Financial Survival Network to discuss the injustice of an antitrust suit against Silicon Valley employers. He also returned to Butler on Business for an antitrust roundup.

YARON BROOK IN CITY A.M.While on a speaking tour in Europe, Yaron Brook was interviewed by the English business newspaper City A.M., where he discussed Thomas Piketty’s controversial book on economic inequality, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Brook was also interviewed in Holland’s leading daily financial newspaper, Het Financieele Dagblad, where he introduced their 200,000 readers to the ideas of Ayn Rand.

AMANDA MAXHAM ON FREEDOM WORKS Following Earth Day in April, Amanda Maxham appeared on WTAN’s Freedom Works to discuss why we should not feel guilt or shame for enjoying our industrial civilization and the material wealth it has generated.