ARI in the Debate: A Brief Update

• On November 4, 2014, ARI fellow Don Watkins gave his talk “End the Debt Draft: How the Welfare State Is Exploiting Millennials” to the Capitalism and Global Supply Chains class at Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.

“Social Security and Medicare are essentially drafting young Americans into debt. Like the military draft, the Debt Draft treats the lives of young people as the property of the state,” said Watkins.

This was the second year in a row that Mr. Watkins was invited to address the class, for which Atlas Shrugged and Free Market Revolution are required reading.

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• When most people are wondering whether the Supreme Court will effectively dismantle Obamacare in thirty-six states, ARI’s health care analyst Rituparna Basu brought some much needed attention to the all but forgotten people in the Obamacare debates: the doctors.

On November 6, 2014, Ms. Basu, participated on a panel discussion on Obamacare, in Georgetown University, Washington DC. Around forty medical students attended the event, which was organized by the Georgetown chapter of the American Medical Association.

While discussing whether and how Obamacare would affect not only health care but also doctors, Ms. Basu was the only panelist taking a principled stand against Obamacare — and for the freedom of doctors.

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