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Are President Trump’s “Buy American” Policies Un-American?

Many Americans share President Trump’s view that buying stuff “Made in America” is patriotic and sensible. They fear that countries like China and Germany are “taking our jobs” and “destroying” the middle class, and that buying American will pave the path to prosperity.

Whether you agree with this sentiment or not, you probably know somebody who does. I certainly do. With this in mind, I would like to recommend Harry Binswanger’s talk “‘Buy American’ Is Un-American.”

In this talk, Binswanger not only argues that free trade is moral and, therefore, practical, but he also explains, among other things:

  • Why the “buy American” mentality can be an expression of racism, xenophobia and bigotry

  • Why there’s a harmony of interest between rational traders and producers

  • Why free trade is “fair trade”

The presentation is followed by an extensive Q&A session, in which Binswanger tackles such questions as: How should we respond to foreign trade barriers? Is it right to “exploit” people in poor countries? Should we boycott China? You can get your copy at the ARI eStore.