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A Message from Yaron Brook

We have an extraordinary opportunity to promote Ayn Rand’s ideas throughout the United Kingdom — but we need your help.

The 2017 curriculum for A-Level Politics taught in secondary and pre-university schools includes Ayn Rand as a key thinker. In the schools that adopt the new curriculum, students will study Ayn Rand and her ideas for the very first time. This is a significant step forward for the advancement of Rand’s ideas in the UK. 

“In fact,” says Yaron Brook, ARI executive chairman, “I have been invited to speak at some of the most prestigious high schools in England (and probably the world). Between February 27 and March 4, I will be speaking at prominent UK schools such as Eton, Westminster, Harrow, Oxford Girls’ Day School Trust, Radley, Headington and Winchester. This will be a great opportunity to introduce these students to the ideas of Ayn Rand and to show our support for the new Politics curriculum.

“This is a truly unique and extraordinary opportunity to bring Ayn Rand into the classroom in schools all over the UK. To ensure the very highest quality of the study materials to be used in the curriculum, we plan to launch a ‘Books to Teachers’ program in the UK.”

The goal is to send classroom sets of Ayn Rand’s books to all A-Level Politics teachers who request them. This program will be similar to the Free Books to Teachers program that the Ayn Rand Institute has run successfully in North America, where ARI has placed nearly four million copies of Ayn Rand’s novels since early 2000s.

But to make this speaking tour — and future tours — possible, as well as to offer these classroom sets of books to teachers, we need your help.

First, the speaking tour itself will cost around $15,000, taking into account time and travel expenses. Anything you can do to assist us in covering these costs would be greatly appreciated. There is no better way to get the UK’s brightest kids interested in Rand’s ideas than to present them in person. You can help make that possible, and maybe even allow us to expand these tours to make them an annual event, with your support.

You can also become directly involved in our efforts to get Ayn Rand’s books into the hands of these teachers.

A classroom set of four book titles costs 740 GBP, all expenses included, and consists of thirty copies of four different Ayn Rand books: Atlas Shrugged, Anthem, The Virtue of Selfishness and Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.

A package of thirty copies of a single book title costs 200 GBP, all expenses included. The titles available for the single-book package option include your choice of the four Ayn Rand novels and six different nonfiction titles.

If you are interested in sponsoring our programs in the UK, thus ensuring that Ayn Rand’s works are available to A-Level Politics instructors, all you need to do is contribute to ARI and specify in the message field that your donation is for the ARI Europe UK programs.

If you wish to donate several sets of books, we would be happy to add a bookplate with your name or your company’s name to the books’ inside covers, specifying that these books have been donated by you or your company.

Many thanks for your consideration of our request. Should you have any questions or would like additional information about how you can contribute, please contact, me, Annie Vinther Sanz, ARI Europe’s general manager, by phone at +33 610 98 17 47 or via email to avsanz@aynrandeurope.org.