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Become an architect of the future by helping to build the Ayn Rand Archives of the present

The mission of the Ayn Rand Archives is to preserve and make available the evidence of Ayn Rand’s life, creative work, thought—and to document her worldwide cultural impact, which continues to grow.

With your help, the study of her life and thought—including the preservation and unlocking of documentary evidence–will shed new light on a philosophy that has begun to change the world.


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The more than 100,000 items and pages to be found among the Ayn Rand Papers document her creative life and intellectual output. But more than 10 times that number of additional items, collected by the Ayn Rand Archives, document Ayn Rand’s global, cultural impact. But why stop there? Whether it is preserving Ayn Rand’s writing desk–or the explosion of digital information about her–with your help, you can help to protect her material and digital legacy, which has touched and changed millions of lives.


The Ayn Rand Archives houses the world’s most comprehensive Ayn Rand-themed collection of documents in all media. And the evidence of her cultural impact—in public policy, publishing, architecture, film, literature, academic study—is growing. The Ayn Rand Archives is the only archives–library institution in the world devoted exclusively to researching, inventorying, collecting and making available the evidence of this intellectual and cultural impact.

Cultural Programming

The Ayn Rand Archives has been invited to contribute to cultural programming at such institutions as: The National Archives; The Smithsonian; Los Angeles Public Library; the National Endowment for the Humanities; and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Archives staff have been interviewed or featured in such media outlets as: C-SPAN, New York Times, BBC, Los Angeles Times, NPR. You can encourage such exposure by supporting the development of new programming curated by the Ayn Rand Archives staff.

Advancing Scholarly Awareness

The Ayn Rand Archives has the staff and resources to advance the scholarly study of Ayn Rand—whether it’s assisting with the creation of standard editions of the complete works of Ayn Rand—or the documentation of the first university courses in Objectivism—or analyzing newly surfaced works by Ayn Rand—or creating the most comprehensive digital inventory of her extant works with worldwide access. By developing and preserving the holdings in the Archives, these opportunities to advance scholarly awareness will only grow.

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