Why Become an ARI Member?

Membership Impact and Benefits

ARI Members support the Institute’s work through automatic, regular contributions. The recurring nature of these contributions dramatically improves our ability to plan and budget long-range—which results in a greater impact than we would have if we were to rely on one-time contributions of the same amount. We’re pleased to offer special discounts, exclusive events and other benefits to Members as tokens of our appreciation.

$25 / month


A yearlong contribution of just $25 per month enables ARI to make a significant impact. For example, your membership can place physical or digital copies of an Ayn Rand novel into the hands of 24 students, who will receive them as assigned reading from a teacher who has already requested the books from ARI. By our best estimate, on average, each book is used two times.

Added Benefits

  • Receive a printed copy of the ARI Annual Report
  • Receive printed copies of Ayn Rand Today
  • Get early access to conference recordings and other exclusive content
  • Join fellow Members, ARI staff and special guest speakers at exclusive monthly ARI Member Roundtables (via Zoom)
  • Attend Members-only events at the Objectivist Summer Conference (OCON)

$25 Monthly

$75 / month


At $75 per month, you can send five or six classroom sets of Ayn Rand novels to teachers—and, if you so choose, the books can be earmarked for a teacher in your local community. Alternatively, a We the Living-level membership is sufficient to cover the travel costs of two or three students who may otherwise be unable to attend an Objectivist Summer Conference (OCON) or an Ayn Rand Conference.

Added Benefits

  • All prior-level benefits
  • 5% off the cost of an OCON week pass*
  • 5% off the cost of auditor tuition at Ayn Rand University


$150 / month


With a monthly contribution of $150, you can send books to 10 teachers (reaching an estimated 480 students within two years); you can provide class materials for 20 students at ARI’s Ayn Rand University; or you can sponsor a significant part of the scholarship prizes awarded to student essay contest winners.

Added Benefits

  • All prior-level benefits
  • 10% off the cost of an OCON week pass*
  • 10% off the cost of auditor tuition at ARU

$150 Monthly

$250 / month


The annual value of an Atlas Shrugged-level membership can provide a semester’s tuition and class materials for a student of ARI’s Ayn Rand University; it can provide free Ayn Rand novels to an entire school; or, it can send 12 students to the annual Ayn Rand Conference USA. Alternatively, it can provide nearly all of the scholarship funding for Anthem, ARI’s most popular essay contest.

Added Benefits

  • All prior-level benefits
  • 15% off the cost of an OCON week pass*
  • 15% off the cost of auditor tuition at ARU

$250 Monthly

Paperless and Giftless Options Are Available at All Levels.

*Discount is limited to full price tickets, not in addition to an existing discount.


To ensure that your legacy perpetuates your values, become an Atlantis Legacy donor. ARI’s Planned Giving program offers you tax advantages and supports ARI’s programs beyond your lifetime. “It is not posterity, but the exceptional man, or my kind of man in the future . . . to whom I would want to leave an intellectual and philosophical inheritance.” —Ayn Rand, in an unpublished interview


Benefactors are ARI’s largest supporters, with customized contribution plans at $10k, $25k, $50k, $100k and higher. Benefactors are entitled to all ARI Member benefits as well as to meetings with the Institute’s CEO, its board members and staff intellectuals. This core group of supporters is also invited to an exclusive event at the annual Objectivist Summer Conference.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Donor Services Department at 800.365.6552 or to write to donorservices@aynrand.org.