Tom Bowden

Analyst and Outreach Liaison
Ayn Rand Institute


  • Law & courts
  • Government regulations
  • Antitrust
  • Health Care
  • Individual Rights
  • Laissez-faire capitalism
  • Multiculturalism & Columbus
  • Moral foundations of freedom

Featured Work

Tom Bowden is a policy analyst and outreach liaison at the Ayn Rand Institute. In addition to his writing, speaking and media work for ARI, he is managing editor of the Institute’s blog, Voices for Reason. He specializes in explaining Rand’s ideas on freedom, individual rights and objective law to all types of audiences, and in applying those ideas to public policy issues such as antitrust law.

His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Investor’s Business Daily, and many other outlets, as well as in academic law journals. He is a frequent guest on radio and television interview shows, on college and law school campuses (including UCLA, Georgetown, and University of Texas at Austin), and before high school audiences (including Model United Nations and Junior State of America).

He is author of The Enemies of Christopher Columbus (2003), which challenges multiculturalist myths surrounding the discovery and settlement of America, and a contributing author to The Abolition of Antitrust (2005), which is aimed at making its title come true.

Before joining ARI in 2007, he practiced law in Baltimore, Maryland, for twenty years (JD, University of Maryland, 1987) and taught legal writing at the University of Baltimore School of Law for six years. Prior to that, he trained as a historian (BA, 1973, University of Kentucky; MA, 1976, University of Delaware) and worked as a journalist. He’s also a proud graduate of the Objectivist Academic Center (2011).

Career Roles


Legal policy; Ayn Rand's Ideas
Ayn Rand Institute
2007 – present


Labor and employment, contracts, education law
Baltimore, Maryland
1987 – 2007

Adjunct Professor

Taught legal analysis, research and writing
University of Baltimore School of Law
1988 – 1994


"Antitrust: The War Against Contract" in The Abolition of Antitrust

The Enemies of Christopher Columbus

Selected Work


“What Are the Search Results When You Google ‘Antitrust’?” (Investor's Business Daily) April 18, 2013

“Apple Now Targeted for Success like Microsoft Was in the 1990s” (Investor’s Business Daily) October 04, 2010

“The Avastin Travesty” (Pajamas Media) December 12, 2010

“How Important Is the Obamacare Litigation?” (Daily Caller) August 12, 2011

“The Tea Party Will Fail — Unless It Fully Embraces Individualism as a Moral Ideal” (Christian Science Monitor) January 21, 2011

“Your Child Is Not State Property” (FrontPage) April 04, 2008

“Let’s Take Back Columbus Day” ( Opinion) October 08, 2010

“Elena Kagan: Could She Defend the Constitution’s Purpose?” (Christian Science Monitor) July 20, 2010

“Deep-Six the Law of the Sea” (Wall Street Journal) November 20, 2007

Audio & Video

“The Apple Antitrust Lawsuit” June 06, 2013

“Individual Rights and the Tea Party Movement” (starts at 2:20) October 09, 2010

“A Tale of Two Recoveries” May 03, 2011

Panel on Law and Philosophy January 30, 2010

“Twenty Years After Oslo: Where Next for U.S. Policy” (Moderator) September 10, 2013

“Citizens United and the Future of Campaign Finance Law” (Moderator) March 16, 2010

“Columbus Day Without Guilt” October 11, 2004

“Ayn Rand: A Life in Writing” August 20, 2008

C-Span Book Video: The Enemies of Christopher Columbus October 07, 2003

Media Interviews

“Taking a Stand Against Antitrust” August 06, 2013

“The Insidious Effects of Antitrust Laws” August 13, 2013

“The Apple Antitrust Suit” June 06, 2013

“Was Columbus as Bad as History Portrays Him?” October 14, 2012

“Columbus Day” October 08, 2012

“A Tale of Two Recoveries” May 03, 2011

“The Tea Party: Can It Succeed?” March 29, 2011

“Elena Kagan and the Supreme Court” August 04, 2010

“The Corruption of Health Care” April 19, 2010

“Adobe, Apple, and Antitrust” June 15, 2010

Talks & Lectures

“Ayn Rand and the Purpose of Law”

“Why Is Antitrust Targeting America’s Best Companies?”

“Ayn Rand’s Unique Defense of Freedom”

“What Are Human Rights?”

“Health Care’s Forgotten Individuals”

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