Keith Lockitch

Vice President of Education and Senior Fellow
Ayn Rand Institute

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  • Ayn Rand Novels & Ideas
  • Energy & Industrialization
  • Environmental Issues
  • Evolution Vs Creationism
  • Objectivism
  • Science Vs Religion
  • Scientific & Technological Progress

Keith Lockitch is the vice president of education and a senior fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, overseeing the Institute’s educational programs.

He is a senior instructor for ARI’s Ayn Rand University (formerly Objectivist Academic Center) where he has been teaching distance-learning courses on written and oral communication skills for more than fifteen years. He also teaches about Ayn Rand’s novels and ideas in a variety of settings, from high school and college classrooms to ARI Campus.

As a senior fellow, Dr. Lockitch writes, speaks and edits for ARI, serving in particular as a senior editor for New Ideal. He specializes in the application of Ayn Rand’s philosophy to scientific topics, in particular to environmental issues such as energy and climate. His writings have appeared in such publications as The Daily Caller, Washington Times, Orange County Register, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Canberra Times, San Francisco Chronicle and the science policy journal Energy and Environment. He is also a contributor to Why Businessmen Need Philosophy: The Capitalist’s Guide to the Ideas Behind Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.

Dr. Lockitch received his PhD in physics from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and prior to joining ARI he conducted postdoctoral research in relativistic astrophysics.

Career Roles


  • Content
    Ayn Rand Institute
    2018 – present

    Educational Programs
    Ayn Rand Institute
    2016 – 2018


  • Objectivist Academic Center
    ARI Internship Program
    ARI Campus
    2003 – present


  • Rand’s works and ideas; Environmental issues
    Ayn Rand Institute
    2003 – present


  • Advanced Training
    Ayn Rand Institute
    2013 – 2015

Selected Works


“Darwin and the Discovery of Evolution” Spring 2008


“The Real Goal of the Green Climate Crusade”

“Charles Darwin: More than ‘Just a Theorist’”


“The Roots of Climate Alarmism” Panel presentation, 4th International Conference on Climate Change Heartland Institute, Chicago, IL, 2010

“Climate Vulnerability and Industrial Capitalism: Why There Is No Climate Crisis” Panel presentation, EUEC Energy and Environment Conference Phoenix, AZ, 2010

“A Critique of Climate Change Science and Policy” April 13, 2009


“Darwin and the Discovery of Evolution” March 13, 2008

“Creationism in Camouflage: The ‘Intelligent Design’ Deception” November 17, 2005


“Earth Day Pop Quiz: What Is the ‘Most Ethical Meat’?” April 22, 2014

“Time to Read Ayn Rand?” October 19, 2012

“Will FDA Choke Off Promising Adult Stem Cell Research?” August 10, 2012

“The Real Meaning of Earth Hour” March 23, 2009

“No ‘Footprint,’ No Life” January 09, 2009


“Is Greed Good?” April 09, 2014

“Are Americans Burned Out From Green Guilt Mongering?” March 17, 2014

“Solar Bird Killer” March 10, 2014

“FDA Versus Stem Cell Therapies” March 23, 2012

“Green Central Planning — Our Hydrogen Future?” January 13, 2010

“Greens Against Green Energy — Follow-Up” January 07, 2010


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