Doug Altner

Analyst and Instructor
Ayn Rand Institute


  • Laissez-faire capitalism
  • Government regulations
  • Morality of business
  • Individual Rights
  • Private sector unions
  • Labor policy
  • Minimum wage laws
  • Walmart
  • Government & Business

Doug Altner is an analyst and instructor at the Ayn Rand Institute. He writes, speaks and gives interviews for ARI. He teaches communication, Ayn Rand’s ideas and free market capitalism through ARI’s various educational programs, including the Objectivist Academic Center and the ARI summer internship program.

On the policy side, Dr. Altner specializes in business regulations and in wage and labor issues. His writings have appeared on, The Daily Caller, Investor’s Business Daily and He contributes regularly to the Institute’s blog, Voices for Reason. Dr. Altner is a frequent guest on Butler on Business and is regularly interviewed on many other radio programs, such as The Mike Slater Show, The Schilling Show, and The Dan Cofall Show. He was a regular guest commentator on PJTV’s Front Page with Allen Barton.

He holds a PhD in industrial engineering from Georgia Tech. Prior to joining the Ayn Rand Institute, Dr. Altner was an assistant professor of operations research at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. He is also an alumnus of the Objectivist Academic Center.

Career Roles


Objectivist Academic Center
ARI Summer Internship Program


Capitalism & Business Regulation
Ayn Rand Institute

Assistant Professor

U.S. Naval Academy
2008 – 2010

Selected Work


"Why Do 1.4 Million Americans Work At Walmart, With Many More Trying To?" [] November 27, 2013

“What Explains GM’s Problems with the UAW?” [] May 20, 2013

“The Forgotten Man of the Minimum-Wage Debate” [Daily Caller] June 19, 2013

“Why Delivering Beer Isn’t Easy” [] June 11, 2013

“Private Equity Firms Want Their Acquisitions to Profit, Not Fold” [Investor’s Business Daily] June 05, 2012

Talks & Lecture

“An Introduction to Ayn Rand’s Ideas”

“Ayn Rand on Capitalism”

“Businessmen as Men of the Mind”

“Endless Pressure-Group Warfare: Ayn Rand on the Mixed Economy”

“Why You Should Be Concerned About the Regulatory State”


Ayn Rand on Capitalism: Rights, Government, Capitalism, and the Mixed Economy

Media Interviews

PJTV: “Obama Abandons Liberty and Sets New Path for America” December 31, 2012

PJTV: “Big Money in Bailouts? Government Turns Profit in AIG Bailout, but What About GM?” September 15, 2012

PJTV: “Civil Servants Living Large: Washington, D.C., Is Booming, as Nation Struggles” September 01, 2012

Radio: “Fuel Economy Mandates” September 17, 2013

Radio: “Obamacare’s Employer Mandate” September 27, 2013

Radio: “CEO Salaries” April 08, 2013


APEE 2013 Annual Conference: Ayn Rand on Businessmen April 01, 2013 Association for Private Enterprise Education Annual Conference

APEE 2012 Annual Conference: Ayn Rand on the Mixed Economy April 01, 2012 Association for Private Enterprise Education Annual Conference