Rise & Fall: How Ideas Move the World — A New Podcast with Amanda Maxham

IRVINE, CA, February 28, 2017 — On February 2, the Ayn Rand Insitute launched a new podcast, Rise & Fall: How Ideas Move the World, hosted by research associate Amanda Maxham, that explores the philosophic ideas that shape our world and our lives.

Rise & Fall is about the ideas that surround us, those we accept as good and those we condemn as evil. Whether it’s the first spark of a new invention or the fall of Rome, abstract ideas direct human behavior, changing how we feel, what we think and ultimately how we act. Rise & Fall illuminates these ideas, one at a time.

The topics vary, from genetically engineered mosquitoes to the use of language, from “Islamophobia” to courtroom justice, but no matter the topic, Rise & Fall looks at the world through the lens of the power of philosophic ideas.

To create each show, Maxham picks a theme and then explores it by weaving together her commentary with original interviews and gems from the Ayn Rand Institute audio archives—which houses every course, lecture and interview by Objectivist thinkers, caught on tape over the past fifty years.

According to Maxham: “I’m a huge fan of podcasts — anyone can jump in and start podcasting and the most successful podcasts tend to be the ones where meaningful ideas are discussed. But I longed to hear Objectivist perspectives in the podcasts I was listening to. I decided to create the podcast that I wanted to hear and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with the world.”

Rise & Fall, the podcast, will be available on iTunes, YouTube and Facebook. Listeners are invited to call 888-673-5563 and comment on the show — what we covered, what we got wrong and what we should cover next.The best comments may make it into future episodes.

Amanda Maxham is a research associate and writer at ARI. She writes and speaks on topics in science and environmentalism, such as genetically modified organisms, DDT and pesticides, climate change and energy. She contributes regularly to public education and debate on science-based policy issues. Dr. Maxham holds a PhD in astrophysics.


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