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January 26 4:00 PM ETMore Details

Ben Bayer

Steve Simpson

New Ideal Live – Does Social Media Censor?: A Conversation with Steve Simpson

In recent weeks, social media companies have suspended or deactivated the accounts of President Trump and many of his supporters, and major IT companies have stopped hosting "alternative" social media platforms, causing them to go offline. Many are claiming this is a new kind of censorship. Is "deplatforming" by private companies really censorship? What about when it is done under the pressure of government? And what about the now notorious Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which shields internet platforms from liability for the content their users post? Join Ben Bayer and his guest Steve Simpson, Senior Attorney at the Pacific Legal Foundation, to discuss these and related issues.
January 28 2:00 PM ETMore Details

Yaron Brook

Thomas Shoebotham

Understanding and Getting Value from the Power of Music

ARI Europe web-meetup with Yaron Brook and Thomas Shoebotham.
January 30 1:00 PM ETInquire

Jason Crawford

Elan Journo

Monthly ARI Member Roundtable: What Fuels Human Progress? A Conversation with Jason Crawford

Join ARI for a conversation with Jason Crawford, a writer and speaker working in the emerging field of progress studies. The former CEO and co-founder of Fieldbook, Mr. Crawford is the creator of the Roots of Progress website, which features his blog exploring the history of technology and industry and the factors enabling human progress. This is a private event for ARI members.
February 02 1:30 PM ETRegister

Tara Smith

Rand on Our Times

On the birthday of Atlas Shrugged author Ayn Rand, ASI Director Eamonn Butler will be hosting a webinar looking at what she might have made of our current concerns, such as lockdowns, free speech, cancel culture, identity politics, tearing down statues and more. Free event hosted by Adam Smith Institute, available on Zoom and YouTube, with several speakers including Tara Smith.
February 02 2:00 PM ETMore Details

Onkar Ghate

Elan Journo

Robert Mayhew

New Ideal Live – What it means to truly live: The Enduring Power of Ayn Rand’s We the Living

Although set in post-revolutionary Russia, Ayn Rand’s We the Living is a novel of timeless significance -- not only about the evil of collectivism, but also about what it means to truly live. The novel’s young heroine, Kira, is passionately devoted to her own life. In her unflagging pursuit of her values in the face of a brutal regime, there are universal lessons for us all. Join Onkar Ghate, Robert Mayhew, and Elan Journo on Feb. 2nd -- Ayn Rand’s birthday -- for a conversation about the life-affirming meaning of Rand’s first, yet least known, novel.
February 27 1:00 PM ETInquire

ARI Speakers


This is a private, online event and discussion for ARI Members.
March 05Details Soon

ARI Speakers

AynRandCon-Europe 2021

Annual European conference hosted by ARI. Conference registration will open in the winter of 2021.
Prague, Czech Republic Prague Congress Centre
March 27 1:00 PM ETInquire

ARI Speakers


This is a private, online event and discussion for ARI Members.
August 27More Details

ARI Speakers

Objectivist Summer Conference 2021

The largest annual gathering of Objectivists and Ayn Rand admirers. The conference will run from August 27 through September 1, 2021.
Austin, TX AT&T Hotel and Conference Center

Annual Conference

Learn more about Ayn Rand’s Philosophy at the largest annual gathering of Ayn Rand enthusiasts.

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