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April 14 2:00 PM ETMore Details

Ben Bayer

Onkar Ghate

NEW IDEAL LIVE – Why Sam Harris is Wrong about Free Will

In a popular book and in a recent podcast, Sam Harris argues that free will is an illusion. Join Onkar Ghate and Ben Bayer for a discussion about why Harris is looking in the wrong place for free will, and why his argument refutes itself.
April 22 2:00 PM ETMore Details

ARI Speakers


ARI’s weekly podcast exploring pressing cultural issues from the perspective of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.
April 22 5:00 PM ETMore Details

Ben Bayer

British Society for the History of Philosophy’s Women in the History of Philosophy Conference

ARI's Ben Bayer will present his paper, "Ayn Rand’s Defense of Abortion Rights Vs. Contemporary Kantian Defenses,” during the Ayn Rand and the History of Philosophy panel. This is a private event and pre-registration is required.
April 24 1:00 PM ETAttend via Zoom

Michael Berliner

Harry Binswanger

Elan Journo

ARI Roundtable: Remembering Dr. John Ridpath

Join us to remember the late Dr. John Ridpath—an intellectual historian, inspiring lecturer, and longtime ARI Board Member. Institute’s speakers' bureau, a stirring advocate for reason, individualism and capitalism. At this event, we’ll hear about some of Dr. Ridpath’s contributions to the mission of the Institute from Dr. Harry Binswanger, Dr. Michael Berliner, who was ARI’s first executive director, and other guests to be announced. Usually ARI Roundtables are exclusive to select donors, but this event will be open to the public, so that anyone touched by Dr. Ridpath’s life may have an opportunity to attend.
April 26 6:00 PM ETMore Details

Yaron Brook

Bitcoin and Liberty: with Yaron Brook and Stephan Livera

Is Bitcoin the most liberating technology of our times or a sophisticated speculative instrument? What philosophy drives it and what ideas does the BTC community stand for? Is this at all important for our liberty and prosperity? Join a live discussion between Yaron Brook - Chairman of the Board of the Ayn Rand Institute and host of the Yaron Brook Show, and Stephan Livera - Bitcoin podcaster and co-founder of the Bitcoin education venture Ministry of Nodes, moderated by Tomek Kołodziejczuk - an Objectivist and bitcoin activist from Poland. There will be screen reader support enabled.
April 27 7:00 PM ETMore Details

Ben Bayer

Ayn Rand Society Event

ARI's Ben Bayer will present his paper, “Ayn Rand on Moral Virtue and Moral Character” to the Ayn Rand Society. This is a private event and pre-registration is required.
August 27More Details

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Objectivist Summer Conference 2021

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