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#OCON2017 Online Prep: The Foundations of Knowledge

All six video lessons from Harry Binswanger’s 2016 course The Foundations of Knowledge are online, just in time for Objectivist Summer Conference 2017 in Pittsburgh June 10 – 15. That means attendees who are looking forward to his OCON 2017 course, Concepts and Propositions, will have an opportunity to view (or review) these context-setting lectures.
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#OCON2017 Meet Jim Brown

As ARI’s newly minted CEO, Jim Brown will kick off the annual “State of ARI” presentation at Objectivist Summer Conference 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Each year, ARI hosts this reception and discussion of the current state of the culture and the impact the Objectivist movement is having on it.
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The Top 10 Reasons to Come to OCON 2017

An Objectivist summer conference is the conference for fans of Ayn Rand and it only comes around once a year. If you’re still deciding whether to make the trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 9 – 15, you’ll definitely want to read this.
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eStore News: “An Orientation to Objectivism — Ayn Rand: Novelist-Philosopher”

Is Ayn Rand primarily a novelist or a philosopher? In response to one such questioner, Rand answered: “I am primarily both.” What did she mean by that? And why do you have to pay attention to both Rand’s fiction and nonfiction to learn Objectivism? In this session, Onkar Ghate explores the relationship between Rand’s philosophy and her literary goals.
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55th Anniversary of The Objectivist Newsletter

This year it’s not only Atlas Shrugged’s 60th anniversary; it’s also the 55th anniversary of The Objectivist Newsletter, Ayn Rand’s first periodical. With essays on topics such as the evil of antitrust laws, the totalitarian nature of nonobjective laws, the application of the Objectivist ethics, the history and morality of capitalism, and other, Rand’s newsletter provided a penetrating philosophical dissection of the events and ideas dominating our culture.

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