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Ayn Rand Memorabilia Up for Auction: From Ayn Rand’s Library

Up for auction on September 28, 2017, are three hardback books owned by Ayn Rand at the time of her death. All contain penciled marginal notes. Bureaucracy by Ludwig von Mises, Reason and Analysis by Brand Blanshard, and How to Think Creatively by Eliot Hutchinson can all be won even without attending our NYC auction in person (proxy bidding is available). Note: These books will be auctioned singly, not as a lot.
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Anniversary Chapters: Shoshana Milgram Discusses “The Spirit of Francisco d’Anconia”

“For some readers of Atlas Shrugged, Francisco d’Anconia becomes and remains their top favorite character,” said Shoshana Milgram. “He is irresistible. He is relished for his wit, for his swagger, for his courage, for his elegance. From the standpoint of pure literary pleasure, why wouldn’t I wish to write about Francisco, first and foremost?”
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Update on The Atlas Project: Gearing Up for September 2

The main purpose of the Project is to create a quality study resource for future generations of readers. But we also hope that in developing study resources that generate discussion online, we will help foster the creation of local, in-person discussion groups, groups that might become the seeds for future Objectivist community groups.
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Anniversary Chapters: Shoshana Milgram Discusses “Who Was John Galt: The Creation of Ayn Rand’s Ultimate Ideal Man”

“The creation of John Galt was Ayn Rand’s life story,” said Shoshana Milgram, “and telling about it allowed me to spend time not only with the character she brought to life but with the process of dramatization.” To celebrate the 60th publication anniversary of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, we’re talking to the authors of chapters in Robert Mayhew’s book Essays on Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.”
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Anniversary Chapters: Andrew Bernstein Discusses “Atlas Shrugged as the Culmination of the Romantic Novel”

“It always intrigued me that the great romantic writers are impassioned moralists who seek to change the world,” said Andrew Bernstein, the next author in our series celebrating the 60th publication anniversary of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. “Yet in their novels, these authors can only rarely imagine a way for their heroes to succeed.”

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